2017 10 16
Did you know? The history of pellets in short
The use of wood pellets as a heating material dates back to the 1970s when alternatives to fossil fuels were sought in the wake of the oil crises of the decade. With oil prices being so high, many people were looking for alternatives to burning oil, which increased the popularity of wood pellet boilers. One of the industry’s early movers was Sweden due to its prominent timber industry, desire for increased energy independence and its commitment to environmental conservation.

In the late 1990s, as oil prices started to rise again, wood pellets gained even more in popularity, but this time, the production became more efficient, which brought the prices down. Today, pellets have become increasingly favored in Europe, Scandinavia in particular, where they are mainly used as an alternative to oil-fired heating.

Don’t forget, trees are not being cut down to produce pellets. Wood pellets are created from waste wood, from sawdust, and much more. In Stora Enso, we take the matter even further, as we only use waste from our own production, we do not buy waste from external partners.
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