2016 09 02
Extended delivery area for pellets

The delivery area of Stora Enso pellets will be extended in the early fall. In the future, almost half of the Finnish population have the possibility to order pellets from the webshop and get them delivered directly to their home.

“In Finland we produce pellets in Kitee. So far the main market has been close to the mill, in the Eastern part of Finland, but now we will almost double the delivery area in one go. From now on pellet deliveries can be made to homes within 300 km from Kitee. In addition, one can order big bags for delivery in the larger Helsinki area from our warehouse in Kerava”, says Mauno Väyrynen, Pellets Sales Manager at Stora Enso.

Be well prepared for the heating season! Check whether you live within our delivery area and order Pellets by Stora Enso already now!

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