Pellets By Stora Enso

Basic information

Wood is our most important raw material. Pellets are a good example of utilising the raw materials more efficiently. We manufacture pellets from sawmill by-products so we can offer a natural, sustainable and renewable heating that is environmentally sound. In addition, the pellet production is integrated directly after the sawing line and therefore reducing unnecessary transportation.

Only wood shavings, dry chips and sawdust are used for the production of our pellets. This is why they are extremely energy-rich and produce a very small volume of ash. You can get just as much heat from two kilograms of Pellets by Stora Enso as from approximately one litre of oil.

Good for your pellets

For bulk deliveries, the following conditions must be met:


  • Store your pellets in a cool and dry place. Please note: No plastic pipes!
  • There must be a vent with Ø ≥ 200 mm or an equivalent area.
  • The bulk connector with Ø 100 mm (4“) male coupling is firmly mounted.
  • Horizontally mounted coupling is at max. height of 1.5m; min. 0.1m.
  • For vertical mounting, max. height is 1.5m; min. 0.8 m.
  • If a dust filter is needed, it must be clean, have the correct size and be mounted



Pellets in brief

Diameter 8 mm
Dry content 92%
Ash content ≤ 0,4%
Ash melting point ≥ 1,400°C
Density 650 kg/m3
Energy per kg 4,850 kWh
Energy per m3 3,120 kWh
1 big bag 500 kg


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