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At Stora Enso we use wood residues from our own sawmills. The pellet production is integrated directly after the sawing line. All sawdust falls into the container right before the drying unit. The drying unit uses hot air (partially waste heat from the timber driers) to dry the sawdust. Already dried products as wood shavings and wood chips are then mixed with the sawdust and grinded to the right fraction size for making pellets. By carefully controlling the input through our pellet presses we are always reaching the highest quality with consistent dry content and volume weight.

After the pellet presses, the pellets are cooled and then stored waiting to be delivered to you. Before delivery the pellets are sifted, to once again make sure that the right quality is obtained.

The choice of drying method makes sure that the sawdust is not contaminated with unknown particles. As a result of that we will always have the same ash content in the pellets as the sawdust has in the container.
Please check on the home page if we deliver within your zip code area. If we cannot do it right now, please register on the top of the page and we will come back to you as soon as we are able to deliver to you.

If you have not bought pellets from us earlier and we deliver within your zip code area you will be automatically registered as a new customer when you do the purchase or if you already are one of our customers please log in with your existing data and do the purchase. Now you can put an order of pellets in big bags or in bulk. Click on "Add to Basket".

Go to "in Basket". Here you can see your order. If you have logged in, please check the data and your address, change if something is incorrect.
Please note if you want to be advised in advance by SMS, E-mail or telephone and if you have ordered pellets in bulk let us know if you need a hose longer than 20 metres.
Read and confirm the delivery terms. Select the payment terms on Klarna Checkout page. Finally confirm and send the order.
You will get a receipt of your order and a confirmation to your E-mail address.
To provide a good service level and correct administration/delivery/invoicing we need to store the information you enter. Personal information is handled by us and Klarna AB.

No credit card information is stored

We don't give out personal information to third part

To check what we have stored, please login and click on "My profile"
You may also change your personal information here, e.g. new address.
At the moment we are only delivering within a selected area. Please use our zip code tool on the homepage to find out if we can deliver to you.
Pellets must not come in contact with moist or water, if that happens the pellets will turn into sawdust again, and expand to 4 times the volume. Bags with unbroken cover can be stored outside for a short period but we do recommend using some sort of weather protection, for example a tarpaulin
No, you don't have to.
What's important is that the following things are taken care of:
Make sure that the road to the delivery place is well maintained in time for delivery, which is within five working days after ordering day. Delivery can also take place during weekends and public holidays.
When receiving pellets in bulk the storage must be ready for delivery from the first possible day of delivery.
When receiving pellets on big bags the delivery place must be well marked and/or write a clear instruction in the order where you want the pallets placed.
Read more about the different kinds of payment and find the one which suits you best. In the price 24% VAT is included. We deliver free of charge to the place you have chosen when ordering.

Mode of payment
We offer payment by invoice or credit card.

A payment option for designed for those of you who like to chose how much you want to pay each month. Klarna account is that and more. You not only receive all your products before paying for them, you also gather all your purchases to a single account. Even if you've shopped across several different stores using Klarna account. That means you always get one invoice, irrespective of how many purchases you've made that month.

♦    You always get the product before paying
♦    Pay:
      •    Invoice – All in 14 days (0 €)
      •    Account – pay in parts at your own speed (Management fee 3,95 € / month regardless of the amount of purchases)
      •    Partial payments – 3-36 months (Invoicing fee 3,95 €, rate 0 %)
♦    You can always pay off your entire debt in one go
♦    You never have to give out card or account information
♦    You shop now, pay at the end of the following month
♦    One invoice fee of 3,95 EUR, even when you've made several purchases

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Credit card
We use the 3D-Secure method according to the new PCI Security Standards of 31 December 2008. All transfers are coded. Right now you can pay with Visa and MasterCard. If you will return goods the money will go back to your credit card.
If you would like to make complaints about the product or service you shall contact us within reasonable time after you have or ought to have noticed the fault.
Complaint about used product will not be approved.
We must have the possibility to test the product.
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